Jack, Diane, and Jennifer

Man , another trailer park on my TV screen;
would someone change it please?
No! Wait! I think I know that girl; wasn't that Jennifer's roommate
and Jack's last heartbreak?
Diane. She really is a "B" with an itch
maybe he will admit
that he's been seeing both of them.

Jack, Diane, and Jennifer
ended up on Jerry Springer.
When everything blew down the tube
suddenly they were syndicated.
Jack, Diane, and Jennifer
ended up on Jerry Springer.
It's a far cry from apple pie,
Ward and June ,or Mike and Carol Brady
it's better with an extra lady
at least that's what Jack says

Come and get me when the fur is gonna fly. Maybe we will see
Jack's secret family
that he hides on the other side of town. Then show us Jennifer
before she was a "her".
Someday. I'm gonna make my mark with a rude
vulgar dumb attitude
and then I'll be cooler than all of them


I cannot believe what I see
they're fighting each other
and hurting each other
I hope that the rot on the top
of their brains melts away
Tom , Dick, Jane ,Harry…(chorus)

words and music by:
Paul Brittain
© 2002 ASCAP/ Very Cool Tunes
administered by MCS music